Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's Blooming This Week

Cranesbill, Geranium
 This plant reseeds prolifically but I still love it!

Jacob's Ladder, Polemonium

Multiflora Rose, Rosa sp.
Growing beside the shop, this multiflora produces bouquets of flowers on a single stem.

Peony, Paeonia
These long-lived plants don't like to be disturbed.  I love the cut flowers, such a clean scent!


  1. Such a beautiful coloured Peony. Glad it is warming up there.
    Wish it was here!

  2. Hi Susan, thanks for your tomato advice! I've been meaning to tell you that I REALLY love the wallpaper on your blogs! Very beautiful!!!!

    Very beautiful peony. If I had to pick one flower to have in my garden, it would be dozens of different peonies.