Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Grand Garden, Just Pots

The decision has been made. We will not be putting in a garden this year. Instead I will be doing a lot of container gardening.

I have some larger pots for a few tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. As I come up with the plantings, I will share them with you. I found my old hanging planters behind the shop. I’ll fill those with shade lovers for the front porch, along with the giant pot Debbie bought me for Christmas several years ago.

One year I grew a salsa garden in a strawberry jug. Tomatoes grew out of the top – choose a determinate variety like Oregon Spring. In the side pockets I planted a tomatillo, garlic, green onions, and cilantro. Another year I just planted an herb garden in the jug. The parsley was left to go to seed. I still find volunteer parsley next to the shop, an ongoing gift!

The strawberry jug now holds my sedums and sempervirens. It’s great, I don’t have to remember to water it and when I do, I just soak the whole thing in a 13 quart bowl. That’s the pet’s outdoor water bowl as well.

As I have been taking care of outdoor chores, I noticed two shrubs that have not fared well. Uncle Henry is a Japanese Aucuba, Aucuba japonica Variegata, the Gold Dust Plant.

Our other plant is a Japanese Pieris, Pieris japonica Variegata.

This is damage from weather. Last summer was hot and we didn’t remember to water either plant regularly. This winter included an Arctic Blast that again dried out the leaves even worse.

Moral of this story: Keep tender shrubs well watered in the summer and don’t plant them on the western side of the house. During icy weather, cover the plants with an extra blanket or cotton painter’s drape.

I will be pruning them to remove the dead leaves and stems in the next couple of days.

Finally, the last three violets from the flower beds. In just the few minutes they have been inside, the entire room is filled with their fragrance.

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  1. I too, am thinking more pots, I tend to remember to pay attention to things in pots, things in the garden generally survive or die :)