Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Plant and Pot

When I was in the Rainbow Market (Grocery Outlet), I found some cute, cup shaped pots with matching saucers.  There were also these wonderful pinkish plants I knew would look great in the burgandy dining room.  So I bought both!  Isn't it a great pair?  Love it with my bohemian decorating scheme.
Echeveria Metallica

I also picked up an Easter lily with four unopened blooms, three sedums, a bronze fennel and a small pot of chives. 

The liner is one my late MIL had.  I find it cheery and spring-time right!  I refinished the cabinet that was in my parents old kitchen.

Another trip to the store is in order.  I am out of potting mix.  I am going to refurbish my strawberry pot filled with sedums and sempervirens.  It's only been about 12 years since I put it together.  There are some hens & chicks my mom gave me, that look spectacular; they will need special attention so I don't ruin that look.  I should have it done by Monday or Tuesday.  And of course, I will post the before and after.

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