Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Good Tuesday morning! It is overcast with just a hint of blue among the grey clouds. More rain is on the menu. The neighbor’s flowering pear, Pyrus calleryana, is beginning to bloom. It is a variety bred by an Oregon State University professor; and for the life of me, I can’t remember the varietal name. The tree leafs out before it blooms. The flower buds are a red color before opening to pure white flowers. Not one of my favorite flowering trees, but still pretty.

The Easter lily buds were closed on Sunday, when we left for Debbie & Rob’s. One was open when we got home and a second opened this morning. I have decided to try to produce some lily seed. I will just dust the white stigma with a yellow anther and wait for nature to do her thing.

Unfertilized Lily - no pollen on the white stigma

Fertilized Lily - see the yellow pollen on the stigma?

On a side note, the dogs cornered an opossum this morning. So nasty. I got them back inside and it wandered off. I found the hole under the fence where they come and go. Have to find something to block it now.

While gettig to the dogs, I fell in the clay mud. Landed on my knees in an old compost pile (from last season) so there was no damage done to me. Just muddy pants, shoes and socks; what a way to start the morning.


Easter lily four days after fertilizing.

I removed the anthers on all the lily blooms after taking this picture.  The pollen was doing a number on us, as well as Max and Wolf.  The two poor cats were sneezing constantly.  I was ready to buy some Benedryl for them!

ETA -- The ovaries on the Easter Lily are dried up and do not have any seeds.  Oh well, Debbie will love having it to add to her lovely lily bed.  She can really enjoy the blooms and fragrance next year.


  1. What a nice blog! I followed you here from The House in Marrakesh blog. I'm eager to find out how the fertilized lily does. I had no idea you could do that! And I hope you've recovered from your fall in the mud...