Friday, April 30, 2010

Reminder, Mother's Day is Coming!

Hi, just a reminder, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th. As we are not going to do anymore gardening this year due to the move; Scott and I were reminiscing about our garden of the past 29 years. One thing that sticks out in both our minds are the years he bought me mushroom compost (many neighbors complained it was stinky – I told them to be thankful he didn’t get the pig manure), hemlock bark to finish off the beds (no slivers like douglas fir bark and it is a wonderfully deep brown hue), and a load of ‘washed’ dairy cow manure (my favorite, we had tomatoes the size of a cat’s head and those were just the cherry tomatoes!)

Anyway, this is just an explanation of what each company listed on the side of my blog brings to the table and why I have chosen to have their advertising. Yes, I have chosen these companies because I believe the in products they have to sell.

So, if the Mom in your life is a gardener, here are a few businesses you might find useful in getting her a gift! Amazon has books, DVDs, and magazines for the gardener. I searched: sustainable living and green living beyond just the printed matter and came up with thousands of useful products any mother would love to receive.

Terrain – has unique products for the home and garden. I love the antique looks of their line. Many items are handcrafted from industrial parts making them an artistic way of recycling. There are antiques, unique shaped enamled cooking pots, furniture and there is a collection of Heirloom Seeds in packets that would inspire me to use them for a large framed piece. Imagine: a burlap covered board with old time seed packets displayed in groupings. Seeds scattered about. All framed in a gorgeous copper antique frame.

Gardens Alive – is an environmentally responsible gardening company. I have bought their products for years and enjoy reading their catalog for more information on sustainable gardening. From responsible pest control, they have the cutest toad house, to organic seeds and fertilizers I have always found just what I’m looking for at Gardens Alive! was chosen because the seeds are guaranteed to be non-GMO. I liked that there is more seed per packet than many other seed sellers. Plus they have so much more to offer gardeners.

Whites Flower Farm – I have been buying plants from Whites for about as long as I can remember buying plants. They have quality plants at great prices. And I love being able to find cultivars that many companies do not have.

Worx – no emission tools. What green gardener would love to have that! As we age, we have found that using our old muscle powered tools is getting harder and harder. We have been looking for a green alternative and Worx tools seem to be one of the best. These battery powered tools really do work. And when the battery expires we can recycle them at our local landfill.

How the program works: You view the site for products you like. Take your time to think it over and when you want to make a purchase, just enter the site from my blog. That way, I will make a small commission on the products you buy. Plus anytime you want to purchase through Amazon, again enter the site from my blog, and again, I make a small commission.

I see this as a ‘win-win’ for the both of us. I get to make a little ‘pin money’ on the side and you, my dear readers, get to read my literate and informative blog. AND if you want to buy a useful garden item, you know I have used the business and recommend it (disclaimer – while I recommend the businesses, I in no way imply a guarantee, refund, or anything of monetary value other than being an advertiser.)

Make the gardening Mom of your choice a happy person this Mother's Day!  Take her out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or all three!) and give her a lasting gift for playing in the dirt!

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